AAFE's Center For Community & Entrepreneurship

AAFE is currently building a first-of its-kind neighborhood hub in Flushing, Queens, a 90,000 square foot center offering new small business opportunities, local services and community engagement.

The Center for Community and Entrepreneurship will serve as a vital hub for economic development in Flushing. AAFE has partnered with two leading design firms, JCJ Architecture and Leong Leong, to create an innovative building that fulfills AAFE’s mission of service, community development and inclusion.

The project includes a ground floor retail marketplace, a sweeping public plaza, Flushing’s first incubator/co-working facility, a flexible community space for a wide range of events and AAFE’s expanded community services center.

The building’s design – inside and out – emphasizes openness and transparency.  It’s set back from the bustling intersection of 39th Avenue and College Point Boulevard in order to accommodate a 2100 square foot outdoor plaza. Pedestrians will be immediately drawn to the welcoming outdoor green space and adjoining 5,000 square foot marketplace.

Equipped with free wifi and phone charging stations, the market includes a wide staircase that doubles as bleacher seating. It will be an ideal place to meet friends for lunch, hold an impromptu business meeting or catch up on email.

The staircase will lead visitors to the second floor events space, a 9,000 square foot facility that can be configured in a variety of ways for casual gatherings, more formal presentations and exhibitions, or for entertaining. The space will help fill a critical need in Flushing for publicly available, affordable meeting venues.

The third floor will be home to AAFE’s new startup business incubator, a collaborative co-working environment. It will offer affordable spaces for fledgling entrepreneurs in the early stages of developing new businesses. Members of the incubator will be able to network with other startups in a supportive setting.

They’ll have access to a full range of support services from Renaissance Economic Development Corp., an AAFE affiliate, which will have offices on the fourth floor of the building.

Renaissance is a CDFI-certified organization providing a suite of small business support services, including individual counseling, low-interest loans, and skill-building seminars.

The center will house AAFE’s program offices, extending the organization’s longstanding community services in Flushing. In addition to small business support, these services include: home loans, homeownership counseling, workforce development, citizenship workshops, entitlement program assistance, English language classes and college readiness programs.

The building’s top floors feature offices for new and existing Flushing businesses.  These commercial spaces will offer opportunities for startups born in the third floor incubator to expand, as well as for local community organizations or other neighborhood businesses to build their footprint.

The offices will provide foot traffic for the small businesses below, fill a community need, spur economic vitality and job growth in the neighborhood and provide economic stability to the center. The building also includes a two-level underground parking lot that will create additional parking spaces for the neighborhood.

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Information For Sub-Contractors

See below for details about qualifications and application requirements

AAFE encourages minority and women-owned businesses to apply.

1. Company Information公司資料
• Company Name 公司名字
• Address 地址
• Telephone Number 聯繫電話
• Contact Person 聯繫人
• Email Address 電郵

2. License Information 執照信息
• Class of License and expiration date 所具備有關行業執照和有效日子

3. Certification執業證書
• Certifying agency任何一種政府部門簽發認證
• Copy of approval certification document提供相關證明文件

4. Insurance Information保險資料
• Certificate of Insurance保險單
• General Liability Policy along with Endorsement listed保單內各保險詳情
• Brokerage Name and Contact info保險經紀名字、聯絡資料

5. Surety Information保證資料
• A reference letter from your bonding company stating your single and aggregate
project limits and current capacity available

6. Financial Information財務資料
• Company’s most recent audited financial statement or IRS income tax return
• Provide all financial contact information as it relates to your Company.

7. References參考資料
• Provide complete contact information for at least (3) references.

8. Company Officers公司職員
• Provide the complete name and title of all Company Officers.

Attachments (MANDATORY)
• W-9 Form;
• Sample current insurance certificate and a copy of your General Liability policy along with the endorsements listed in Plaza Construction’s insurance requirements;
• Reference letter from your bonding company stating your single and aggregate project limits and current capacity available (if applicable);
• Year-end financial statement or IRS income tax return;
• OSHA 300A form;
• Corporate safety plan;
• Project history list of your 10 largest projects over the last 5 years. This should contain at a minimum – project name, owner, contractor, start and end dates, contract value and location; and
• Back-up documentation for Equal Opportunity status (if applicable).

• W-9 表格;
• 具有附加受保人名稱的保險憑證和商業保險複印件
• 如有的話,請提供擔保公司的推薦信證明貴公司在單個和多個工程承辦時的最高承包額以及現階段貴公司的施工能力;
• 年末財務報表或公司稅單;
• OSHA 300A 表格;
• 企業安全計劃書;
• 貴公司在最近5年內10項最大的工程。內容必須包括:項目名字,發展商,承包商,工程開始和結束日期,工程的價格和地點;
• 如有的話,請提供平等就業要求評估的備份文檔。

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