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Scenes From AAFE’s 2017 Lunar New Year Banquet

Photos by Whitney Browne. On March 16 2017, Asian Americans for Equality celebrated its 43rd Annual Lunar New Year Banquet in Manhattan's Chinatown. Click on any photo above to see the full-size slide show. We were pleased to present Dream of Equality Awards to four...

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Watch Our Videos: Learn About AAFE’s Impact

Forty-three years after its founding, Asian Americans for Equality has become a diversified community development organization with a national reputation. AAFE has a long track record of building equitable communities, but also of supporting small businesses, of...

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Emergency Loan Program Established For Flushing Fire

Fire in Flushing, Queens. Photo: New York Daily News. Following a devastating fire in Flushing, Queens, Asian Americans for Equality and its affiliate, Renaissance Economic Development Corp., have announced the establishment of an emergency loan program. The...

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AAFE in the News

Stories about our organization in the news media


An Overlooked Way For NYC’s Small Businesses to Get a Loan; editorial by U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney – Crain’s; Nov. 22, 2016

Chinatown Building Receiving Sustainable Upgrades, Extended Affordability – DNA Info; Oct. 16. 2016

Sustainable Upgrades Will Help Chinatown Rental Remain Affordable – Curbed; Oct. 11, 2016

Renderings Revealed for Queens Entrepreneurship Center Designed by Leong Leong and JCJ – Architects Newspaper; Oct. 4, 2016

How the Model Minority Myth Hurts Asian American Elders – NBC News; Oct. 4, 2016

Flushing to Get Sleek Glass Community Center with Market, Co-Working SpaceCurbed;  Oct. 4, 2016

AAFE Plans Flushing Community Center – Queens Chronicle; Sept. 29, 2016

Building Justice: Racism in NYC’s Housing Market is Not Just a Black-and-White Story, by Chris Kui and Lydia Tom; City Limits; Aug. 29, 2015

EB5’s Get New Shot at true Community Investment – Next City; Aug. 27, 2016

Han Tak Lee, Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 24 Years, Finds New Home, Family – NBC News; August 11, 2016

How NYC’s Chinese Immigrants are Fighting Chinatown’s Slum Landlords – Fusion; Aug. 3, 2016

Pommes Frites Fries Again in West Village; Relief Money Greased Way – Villager; June 30, 2016

Get in Line: Affordable Housing Coming to Flushing – June 23, 2016; Queens Tribune

Bill Passed Would Make It Easier For Micro-Businesses to Score Loans – June 13, 2016; Bedford & Bowery

Kim Honors Han Tak Lee with Legislation – Queens Cronicle; May 5, 2016.

Putting Teeth Back Into the Community Reinvestment Act – Next City; March 18, 2016.

Out of Gas: A Surge of Gas Shutoffs, Especially For Rent Stabilized Tenants – Our Town; March 3, 2016.

Going… Nowhere! Landlord Blocked From Removing Lift – Villager; February 25, 2016.

Flushing 2050 Initiative Eyes Vision For the Future – Times Ledger; February 10, 2016.

Housing Activists Fight to Keep Elevator Working For Sick Manhattan Man – Daily News; January 8, 2016.


Chinatown Tenants Demand Repairs and Safe Construction Work – DNA Info; December 10, 2015.

In Chinatown, Trying to Hold Up vs. Harassment – Villager, May 7, 2015.

“It’s Like Someone Dropped A Bomb In There”: LES Tenants Sue Landlord Over Illegal Construction – Gothamist; April 30, 2015.

City Picks Developers to Build a Feng Shui Affordable Housing Complex – Crain’s; April 28, 2015.


Bill Chong: Helping NYC’s Youth – China Daily USA; November 28, 2014

New Services for Chinese Small Businesses – China Daily USA; November 21, 2014

Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce to Launch – Queens Tribune; November 20, 2014

Work Finally Begins on Flushing Center – Queens Chronicle; July 3, 2014

Bill de Blasio Names Julie Menin Consumer Affairs Commissioner – New York Observer; April 24, 2014

AREAA Honors the Nation’s Top Asian Leaders and Activists at The Global Summit Awards Gala – Newswire; March 20, 2014

Assembly Celebrates Asian Lunar New Year at Capitol – Western Queens Gazette; February 26, 2014

Forty Years of Fighting for Asian-American Rights – Voices of NY; February 21, 2014

Queens: The City’s Housing Alternative? – Queens Chronicle; January 9, 2014

Big Queens Project to Break Gound – Crain’s New York Business; January 8, 2014

Chris Kui Named MONEY Hero – Money; January 1, 2014


Asian group woos recruits (link) – Times Ledger; December 13, 2013

Historic Hardesty Federal Complex given new life (link) – NBC 41, Kansas City; December 10, 2013

One Year After Sandy on the Lower East Side (link) – The Lo-Down; October 29, 2013

Moving Back Home After Devastating Fire (link) – New York Observer; July 24, 2013

Residents Displaced by Grand Street Fire Return Home 3 Years Later (link) – DNA Info; July 19, 2013

3 Years After Devastating Fire, Chinatown Residents Celebrate Return to Apartment Building (link) – Yahoo News; July 18, 2013

Tenants of Chinatown Building Damaged in 2010 Fire Celebrate Winning Legal Battle (link) – NY1; July 18, 2013

More Than Three Dozen Displaced by Pike Street Fire (link) – The Lo-Down; July 15, 2013

Housing Forum Draws Huge Crowd (link) – Queens Tribune; July 4, 2013

Hardesty Complex – From Military Hub to Food Hub (link) – Northeast News Net; June 19, 2013

Rozic, Et Al Celebrate Asian American Pacific Heritage (link) – Queens Gazette; May 29, 2013

Forlorn Urban Site is Poised For an Impressive Rebirth (link) – Kansas City Star; March 26, 2013

Downtown Businesses Win Storm Recovery Grants (link) – Crain’s; March 6, 2013

Protesters Call Again For Funds For Displaced Chinatown Families (link) – NY1; February 28, 2013

Where Buildings Fell as Hotel Rose, a New Condo and Calls For Justice (link) – The Local EV; February 27, 2013

AAFE: Working For Equal Rights For All (link) – NeighborWorks; February 13, 2013

Local Spokes: Community-Based Bike Advocacy in Chinatown & the Lower East Side (link) – Streetfilms; January 15, 2013

New Hope in the New Year For Sandy Affected Businesses (link) – Huffington Post; January 13, 2013.


Cash Coming to Sandy-Stricken Businesses Below Canal Street (link) – DNA Info; December 21, 2012.

Fund Helps Lower Manhattan Businesses Recover After Sandy (link) – NY1; December 20, 2012

Community Leader Was Beacon in Dark Times (link) – NY Press; December 12, 2012.

MLS Stadium, USTA, Willets Expansions Panned by Fairness Coalition (link) – Queens Chronicle; December 11, 2012.

Developer Su is Sued by Former Hester Street Tenants (link) – Villager; December 6, 2012.

AAFE and Citibank Team Up to Help Hurricane Victims (link) – YouTube; November 2012.

Asian American Groups Help Immigrant Entrepreneurs Affected by Sandy (link) – NY1; November 2012.

Study Seeks New Uses For Forgotten Park Buildings (link) – Villager; October 18, 2012.

Longstanding Debate Flares Up Over Chinatown, LES Districts (link) – Downtown Express; September 5, 2012.

Protesters Keep Pressure on Hotelier Accused of Evicting Chinatown Families (link) – Voices of NY; August 15, 2012.

City Council Redistricting: Representation or Segregation? The Debate Begins (link) – Daily News; August 15, 2012.

Commission Holds First Hearing On How To Redraw City Council Lines (link) – NY1; August 13, 2012.

Asian and Latino Communities Create a Partnership in Response to the City’s Redistricting Plans (link) – Our Chinatown; August 3, 2012.

Brooklyn Asian, Latino Groups Huddle with Common Cause Before Council Redistricting Meet (link) – Daily News; August 2, 2012.

Asian, Latino Groups Want Demographics Reflected in City Council (link); NY1, August 2, 2012

Displaced Chinatown Residents Continue to Demand Compensation (link) – NY1; August 7, 2012.

Protesters Call For Boycott of Chinatown Hotel on the Bowery (link) – Villager; July 26, 2012.

Chinatown Residents Claim They Lost Homes Due to Owner Neglect (link) – NY1; July 13, 2012.

Pew Study Backs Asian Community’s Growing Impact in New York City; Chris Kui interviewed (link) – NY1; June 21, 2012

Wyndham Hotel Poised to Open; 128 Hester Tenants Still in Limbo (link) – The Lo-Down; June 7, 2012.

Three Years After Their Building Was Demolished, Rent Regulated Tenants Fight For Compensation (link) – Real Deal;  June 6, 2012.

Local Spokes Unveils Plan to Improve Bike Accessibility in Diverse Communities (link) – The Lo-Down;  June 6, 2012.

Ousted Hester Street Residents Demand Compensation (link) – DNA Info; June 5, 2012.

Grassroots Coalition Crafts Action Plan For Lower East Side Cycling (link) – Streetsblog; June 4, 2012.

Group to Release Action Plan For Biking in Chinatown and the LES (link) – DNA Info; May 31, 2012.

U.S. Department of Labor Official Pat Shiu Addresses AAFE Conference (link) – Dept. of Labor News; May 17, 2012.

NeighborWorks America CEO Receives Dream of Equality Award From Asian Americans For Equality (link) – NeighborWorks; March 27, 2012.

AAFE Celebrates 38 Years, Honors San Francisco Mayor (link) – The Lo-Down; March 26, 2012.

AAFE Becomes Member of Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (link) – NYNP; March 15, 2012.

Tenants Win Suit But Still Fear They Might Not Go Home (link) – Villager; March 8, 2012.

New Congressional District Lines Could Give Queens Asians More Political Clout (link) – NY1; March 6, 2012.

Legacy of 2006 Blackout Yielding Green Projects in Western Queens – New York Daily News; March 4, 2012.

Judge Orders Owner of Fire-Damaged 289 Grand Street to Make Repairs (link) – The Lo-Down; March 2, 2012.

CB3 Approves Plan For Forsyth Plaza Park (link) – The Lo-Down; February 29, 2012.


Two Non-Profits Are at Odds Over Forsyth Produce Market (link) – The Lo-Down; October 4, 2011.

Lower Manhattan Leaders on the Area’s Growth After 9/11 (link) – NY1 (Chris Kui is interviewed); September 13, 2011.

New Energy Standards For Old Buildings (link) – Downtown Express; August 17, 2011.

Grand Street Fire Victims Sue Landlord (link) – The Lo-Down; August 11, 2011.

Local Spokes Seeks Local Input on Bicycling (link) – Villager; July 6, 2011.

Local Spokes Coalition Brings Bike Planning to Chinatown, LES (link) – Streetsblog; June 6, 2011.

Hotel Plans Face Protest (link) – Wall Street Journal; July 5, 2011.

17-Year Old Civil Rights Advocate Talks Leadership, Service (link) – MTV; May 25, 2011.

A Year After a Chinatown Fire, a Housing Dispute Persists (link) – New York Times; April 22, 2011.

Asian Politicians Celebrate Gains, Plan For the Future (link) – The Lo-Down; March 25, 2011.

New Report Looks at Asian Population in Chinatown and Beyond (link) – The Lo-Down; February 25, 2011.

NY’s Asian Immigrants Missing Social Services – Crain’s; February 24, 2011.

Community Wants Input on Flushing Waterfront Development (link) – Queens Examiner, February 15, 2011.

Slumlords Nix Fixes to Raise Rents (PDF) – Daily News; January 31, 2011.


AAFE Opens “Youth Take Action” Green Conference (PDF) – World Journal; February 19, 2010.

Landlord Broke Building, Should Fix It, Tenants Say (link) – The Villager; September 16, 2009.

Landlord Didn’t Make Fixes to Essex Street Building: Now Displaced Tenants Are Feeling the Squeeze (link) – Villager; July 15, 2009.

60 Tenants Thrown Out as Chinatown Tenement Shut (link) – Downtown Express; August 14, 2009

Fight For Home: NY Immigrant Communities Struggle to Hang On (PDF) – AM New York; May 12, 2008.

Lower East Side Rezoning Plan Has Defenders (link) – New York Times (Chris Kui interviewed); April 7, 2008.

Chinatown Seeking a Rebirth (PDF) – Newsday; August 22, 2005.

Why It’s Wrong to Call Rezoning Plan Racist, by Chris Kui (link) – The Villager; August 6, 2008

Restoring Chinatown Apartments While Keeping Rents Low (PDF)- Downtown Express; June 5, 2008.

Son Shines For Parents: He’s Only 26 and His Salary is Modest But He Managed to Buy a Family Home in Brooklyn (PDF) – Daily News;  October 27, 2008.

Chinatown Journey: From Protesters to Developers – New York Times; January 12, 2003.

What a Difference Two Decades Makes  – New York Times; January 12, 1997

Blocs Battle to Draw Chinatown’s New Council Map – New York Times; April 30, 1991.