Who We Are

Our Mission

Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Americans and all of those in need.  Founded in 1974 to advocate for equal rights, AAFE has transformed in the past four decades to become one of New York’s preeminent housing, social service and community development organizations.   AAFE is committed to preserving affordable housing throughout New York and to providing new opportunities for the city’s diverse immigrant communities.  Employing innovative approaches, the organization has preserved and developed 86 buildings, creating more than 800 units of housing. It has secured over $378 million in mortgage financing for homebuyers and disbursed over $44 million in loans to over one-thousand small businesses. Through a wide range of multilingual counseling services, AAFE provides education, financial assistance and training to empower people, small businesses and neighborhoods. Its research, advocacy and grassroots organizing initiatives help to shape government policy and to effect positive change.    At its heart, AAFE embodies the hopes and dreams of New York’s many vibrant immigrant communities, and helps turn those dreams into reality.

Our History

Read about AAFE’s origins and evolution as a community development organization during the past 43 years.

Our Leadership

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Video Profile

Asian Americans for Equality was named Non-Profit of the Year at the New York Housing Conference (NYHC) and National Housing Conference (NHC) 41st Annual Awards Program. This video, produced by NYHC and NHC, celebrates AAFE’s achievements as an affordable housing developer.