On a frigid Saturday morning, AAFE along with labor unions, local elected officials, and community groups from across the northeast gathered on a march to the United Nations in the Stand for Freedom Campaign. New York City Council Member Margaret Chin, Chinatown Partnership Executive Director Wellington Chen, AAFE Executive Director Christopher Kui and other prominent community leaders led 25,000 protestors to fight for social justice. Over the past year there have been voter suppression efforts against the voting rights of Asian American Voters, African American voters, Hispanic American voters, Native American Voters, as well as students and young people, seniors, working women, and immigrants of all colors.

These are also among the voting demographics who are most likely to support workers rights, equal opportunity, women’s rights, LBGT rights, environmental protection, and peace. This past December 10th 2011 (UN Human Rights Day), AAFE and the Stand for Freedom Campaign fought for social justice in defending the voting rights of over 5 million Americans. However, there is still much work to be done and you can help by signing on to the pledge to support the campaign at www.stand4freedom.org.