In the spring of 2012, Community Board 3 signed off on plans, facilitated by the Renaissance Economic Development Corp., to transform Forsyth Plaza into a valuable community resource. Three years ago, Renaissance. (an affiliate of Asian Americans for Equality), received permission through the city’s Public Plaza Program to revitalize the market.  The plan calls for city-funded improvements, including the widening of the sidewalk and the creation of a public recreational and arts space in the abandoned triangle above the street.

Here’s the long neglected area that will soon be transformed.  The plan was developed after neighborhood visioning sessions were held last year.


A centerpiece of the elevated park will be a permanent exhibition (see preliminary sketches above) by well-known Chinese artist Xu Bing.  The design is based on the following words from the “Writings of Helin Temple” by Tang Dynasty poet Li She:

By a bamboo temple I talk with a monk midway:

Half a day, in my floating life, is thus whiled away.



The city’s full presentation is also available, by clicking on this link.