On Wednesday, October 3, AAFE invited representatives from the FDNY Foundation to talk about fire safety at the BRC Senior Center in Manhattan’s Chinatown. With translation assistance from AAFE’s Jin Xiu, Lieutenant O’Connor and Lieutenant Manetta spoke to a group of 30 seniors about best practices to prevent, detect, and stop house fires.

The firefighters advised the seniors to keep objects such as lighters and matches away from their grandchildren by placing them in high, hard to reach places. In addition, they advised everyone to change their smoke alarm batteries at least twice a year. They explained that it is best to crouch on the ground when there is a fire.  And they suggested keeping baking soda in the kitchen to put out stove fires.

The seniors greatly enjoyed the presentation and were delighted afterward when the lieutenants gave them complementary smoke detectors. The workshops are part of a larger citywide Fire Safety Campaign funded through the generous support of the City of New York and the New York Community Trust.

AAFE will be organizing more workshops in the upcoming year. If you are looking to schedule a workshop or want to get involved, please contact Douglas Lim at douglas_lim@www.aafe.org or (212) 979-8988.

Thank you to our funders, BRC Senior Center for hosting, and FDNY Foundation for coming out to offer some great advice!