Asian Americans for Equality is committed to achieving the Green NeighborWorks Organization Designation.  Our various lines of business have already been moving towards green education and energy efficiency.

Within our multifamily portfolio, we are currently working on a moderate rehab of a 24-unit building under the Green Communities Criteria.  We have completed energy audits for 25 multifamily buildings and are in the process of retrofitting 11 multifamily buildings for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)’s Multifamily Performance Program.

Furthermore, we are partners with NYSERDA for its Green Jobs Green New York program which provides outreach to homeowners in Manhattan and Queens, promoting energy efficiency and workforce training for contractors and building operators to learn about green rehabilitation strategies and materials

Our Go Green Western Queen Project is focused on organizing youths and residents and educating the community on waste and energy conservation within specific neighborhoods in Queens.  In addition, we conduct regular outreach to local small business and restaurants to educate them about energy and water conservation.

AAFE will continue to have green initiatives in the near future and achieve status as a Green NeighborWorks Organization.