Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) has joined forces with elected officials, community leaders, and other advocacy groups to urge urged Mayor de Blasio to add Lunar New Year as a school holiday to the 2015-16 school calendar. In a letter from over 40 elected officials and community advocates, the Mayor was asked to meet with the group to discuss the results of a Department of Education (DOE) analysis the Administration promised for completion in May, and ultimately, to keep the pledge he made to include Lunar New Year as a school holiday. The full letter can be viewed here.

“You made a pledge, both before your election and after becoming Mayor, to add Lunar New Year to the school calendar as a holiday,” the letter reads. “As your policy stands today, children must miss class when celebrating their most important cultural celebration…We look forward to sitting down with your Administration to review the DOE analysis, and to make progress on adding Lunar New Year as a school holiday for the 2015-16 calendar.”

AAFE’s Executive Director, Christopher Kui, is quoted in the letter. “Lunar New Year is a cherished holiday for the Asian community: A time for loved ones to come together, and a time to celebrate our cultural heritage,” he said. “It is, without doubt, our most important holiday of the year, so we feel that it’s important that it is recognized as a school holiday. Asian Americans for Equality hopes that, in the future, families across New York City will be able to spend this sacred day together.”