AAFE Housing and Community Services hosted a round of “AAFE Jeopardy!” for NeighborWorks Community Building and Organizing members.

Earlier this week, NeighborWorks Community Building and Organizing (CB&O) members visited AAFE and its offices in Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and Queens.  The CB&O program’s goal is to “build healthy communities by developing resident leadership, strengthening resident-led associations, and sponsoring community building activities.”  Representatives from NeighborWorks’ organizations from all across the country took part in the visit.  

On Monday, the group was treated to a tour of Chinatown and the Lower East Side, led by AAFE Housing and Community Services Director Peter Gee.  Sites visited included Sara D. Roosevelt Park, AAFECare Center for Seniors, and the location of the 2010 Grand Street 7-alarm fire.  In the afternoon, AAFE’s Housing and Community Services team gave a presentation on the department’s work while playing a mock version of Jeopardy.  Furthermore, local resident leaders joined the meeting to discuss their views on affordable housing in New York City as well as other common housing issues.

During Tuesday’s visit to Queens led by AAFE Director of Policy and Leadership Development Douglas Nam Le, the CB&O members met with Go Green Western Queens program partner Kalusugan Coalition, a health-focused community based organization working on cardiovascular disease and healthy living in the Filipino community.  AAFE discussed its work on Go Green Western Queens, including: monthly community workshops with PS 11 students and parents in the “Green Club;” collaboration with Partnership for Parks and Kalusugan Coalition to plant street trees on 63rd Street; AAFE’s youth leadership program with LaGuardia International High School; and plans for a new community garden and play street in the heart of Woodside, spearheaded by Kalusugan Coalition.

On Tuesday afternoon, visitors met with AAFE’s youth and family development department, learning about its youth leadership program, college readiness work, financial literacy program, and parent engagement.  The visit included a tour of downtown Flushing highlighting AAFE’s work on local economic development with small businesses and a visit to the College and Careers Pathways Center at Flushing High School.  Students from the school and youth members from Neighborhood of Affordable Housing in Boston were part of the peer-to-peer learning site visit and shared challenges and opportunities facing immigrant high school students from both neighborhoods. 

Thank you to all of the CB&O visitors from Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (San Francisco), Aeon (Twin Cities), and Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (Boston)!