From Diana Yi, Program Manager of AAFE’s Youth & Family Development Programs:

Congratulations to AAFE’s eight Youth Leaders, who just completed an intensive summer training institute with College Access: Research & Action (CARA)! Their commitment and work were nothing short of amazing.

After undergoing a rigorous application and interview process, these high school students were selected to be peer college counselors at their respective schools. Over the course of 3 weeks, the students learned core content regarding the college application process, financial aid, different city and state universities and creating well-balanced college lists.  They were also equipped with skills to counsel their peers, develop and facilitate workshops and research resources to help specific populations of students such as undocumented teens and first generation college students.

Michel Gomes from Flushing International High School  said of  the training, “It was a great journey. At the beginning I was confused and scared because this was totally a new thing for me. After all these 3 weeks of hard work, I have become a trained Youth Leader! I have a knowledge hat on my head all about colleges. And to my peers, if you’re confused, I’m here to give you advice.”

Angela Omongos from Flushing High School remarked, “I’m excited about the workshops because I could be a teacher to my peers.”

Samuel Chan, Julie Jin, Andres Ramirez, Angela Omongos and Afia Adigyaa represent Flushing High School. Michel Gomes, Jin Hong and Chunhang Lin represent. Flushing International High School. This will be the first year the Youth Leader program is instituted at Flushing International High School, and Flushing High School’s second year.

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