“AARP: N.Y. heating bills could spike 13% this year”

November 11, 2013


Dear Editor,

As early as mid-October, my organization had numerous clients express interest in applying for the
federal Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) to assist them in paying their heating bills. With the
AARP’s predicted increase in New York’s heating costs this winter, the $190 million budget for HEAP may
not be able to adequately accommodate those who have been previously supplemented by the program
as well as new participants. With many of my organization’s clients being low-income and elderly, we
will see the impact of increased heating bills. Many residents will be unable to cover the costs of rent
and heat even with HEAP supplements. Thus, it is crucial that the budget allotted to HEAP be parallel
with increasing energy costs, allowing low-income individuals to maintain a decent standard of living.


Christopher Kui
Executive Director
Asian Americans for Equality