Capital One Engages High School Students in Financial Workshop

Which credit card to choose?

This was the question twenty-three students at Flushing High School wondered as they were engaged in a fun financial workshop on October 22, 2013 to learn how to manage credit.  Volunteers from Capital One facilitated an energizing activity to teach students about credit, how it works and how to make informed choices among credit card offers.

Whether they already have a credit card or are considering getting one in college, these students walked away confidently with credit knowledge that they would be able to share with their friends and families.

Who said Credit 101 couldn’t be fun?

Youth Leader for College Access Speaks on Grad NYC Panel

Hing Chan, who also goes by Sam, is one of the five students who represent “Youth Leadership for College Access” at Flushing High School, a program that AAFE brought to the school in 2012 in collaboration with College Access: Research and Action (CARA).  In front of an adult audience of about 100 on a Community Best Practices Forum panel organized by LISC NYC and Grad NYC!, Sam spoke about some of his successes and challenges he faces as a Youth Leader.  “Students come to a Youth Leader and ask questions they have about their future,” Sam shared with Diana Yi, Program Manager of Youth and Family Development, who also spoke on the panel about building a Youth Leader program in a high school setting.

Youth Leadership for College Access is funded by LISC NYC as part of their College Within Reach initiative and is also made possible by CARA which provides the training, coaching and professional development for Youth Leaders.