AAFE Housing and Community Services (HCS) held its second annual holiday party on Saturday, December 21 at AAFECare Center for Seniors.  Chinatown and Lower East Side residents and their families and friends gathered together for the holidays to celebrate with food, drinks, and entertainment. Staff members serenaded the audience with Teresa Teng’s “The Moon Represents My Heart” and Yang Cheng Gang’s “Mouse Loves Rice,” and there were also two special performances by AAFE’s Swallow Dance team led by longtime resident leader Mrs. Wang.  Most importantly, the event allowed AAFE HCS to share its 2013 accomplishments and demonstrate its appreciation for its supporters.

At the holiday party, AAFE HCS launched its Friends of AAFE membership initiative.  With an annual minimum donation of $20 and attendance of at least one AAFE event, Friends of AAFE receive benefits such as discounted tickets to the annual AAFE HCS Fundraiser and direct invitations to AAFE advocacy events.  If you are interested in joining or would like more information about Friends of AAFE, please contact Karen Lin at 212-979-8988.

Thank you to all who came to the holiday party!  AAFE wishes you and your loved ones prosperity in 2014!

To view more photos of the event, please click here.