On Thursday, April 24, AAFE’s Housing and Community Services department held a trivia and karaoke night to raise money for the victims of last month’s explosion in East Harlem, which left 8 people dead and injured around 70 others.  Thirty people attended the event, putting their knowledge to the test while competing in four intense rounds of trivia.  After team “Polar Bear” claimed the trivia crown, attendees showed off their most beautiful voices and coolest dance moves during karaoke.

“Our Housing and Community Services department has worked with victims of similar housing crises for many years in Chinatown,” said Housing and Community Services Program Manager Kayan Chiu.  She added, “Although we were not able to provide direct immediate support for the East Harlem victims, we understand from our experiences that after a tragedy like this happens, it is important to have community support and resources to help tenants get back on their feet.”

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