AAFE Family Development Advocate Naomi Chu leads a group of parents from Flushing High School and Flushing International High School for AAFE’s new Parent Leadership Program.

Through the generous support of the O’Neill Foundation, AAFE successfully launched its new Parent Leadership Program (PLP) to organize immigrant parents from Flushing High School and Flushing International High School. The goals of the program are to work with immigrant parents to exercise leadership in their children’s schools, as well as the English language development, community building and skill building for engaged parents.

The program aims for active engagement of the parents on a weekly basis over the course of 9 months. The PLP curriculum includes field trips to local community venues, conversational English development, school-based topics and leadership skills workshops. By the end of 9 months, PLP hopes to implement a parent to parent outreach and support model, with PLP members operating as the core.

Since the launch, the PLP members have gone on a “field trip” to the Queens Library at Flushing, where four parents proudly applied for their first library card. In the subsequent week, they attended their first English class where they engaged in differentiated instruction according to fluency.

AAFE thanks the support of the two schools, especially Bella Fan, a guidance counselor at Flushing International High School who co-facilitates the sessions with Family Development Advocate Naomi Chu and Bianca Gras, AAFE social work intern from Columbia University.

Stay tuned for more news on progress of this new program!