On Tuesday, August 26th, students from AAFE’s Immigrant Youth Leadership Program visited Goldman Sachs’ New York office to take part in a day of career exploration and professional development in collaboration with the company’s volunteer initiative, Community TeamWorks (CTW).

The day began with a building tour where the students were introduced to possible career paths at Goldman Sachs. The jobs were not limited to finance positions, and extended to roles in communications, security, and technology.

In the afternoon, the students were paired with Goldman Sachs CTW volunteers to improve their job interview and presentation skills. Many of the students, who are not native English speakers, were anxious that their language skills would hinder them in these tasks; however, these fears proved unfounded as the Goldman volunteers provided insightful personalized feedback that helped the young people feel more professional and confident.

For many of the students, the most valuable aspect of the day was having a chance to speak with the Goldman Sachs volunteers. The volunteers spoke about their career paths, and college experience.

“Everything here, from the building’s architecture to the employees, has inspired and motivated me more to accomplish my dream to become a famous businessman,” Ben Anh Le, a participant in AAFE’s Immigrant Youth Leadership Program, said. “This event also enabled me to observe more experiences, as well as learn interview skills from professionals. I realize that I’m just a grain of sand in a huge desert, and I should push myself harder and harder to become more successful.”

AAFE thanks Goldman Sachs CTW for making this such a special day for our students. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Korean American Community Foundation for connecting AAFE with Goldman Sachs CTW.