A free digital version of AAFE’s 40th anniversary journal is now available for download. The journal is a comprehensive retrospective of the organization’s work over the past four decades. Those interviewed for the publication include AAFE founders Lydia Tom and Doris Koo, both of whom shared their memories of the Asian American civil rights movement and AAFE’s origins as a fledgling non-profit organization. Contemporary figures, in the form of current Executive Director Chris Kui and Board President Wendy Takahisa, lend their voices, discussing the organization’s recent work, as well as pointing towards what future decades will bring. The publication also features an array of archive photographs that chart AAFE’s evolution from the organization’s activist roots to its current form as one of New York’s preeminent housing, social service and community development organizations.

The digital download is compatible with PCs, tablets, iPhone and Android devices. To view, click here.