On December 11, Asian Americans for Equality affiliate, Renaissance Economic Development Corporation (REDC), held a graduation ceremony for students who successfully completed the organization’s Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP).

The EAP, which was first offered in 1995, is a 12-week, 60-hour course designed for first-time business owners who want to develop the skills necessary to grow and maintain a healthy business. Program topics include targeted sales strategies, concept development and team management, legal issues and government regulations, operations and growth management, and basic budget management. The course is led by qualified instructors in their respective fields, including representatives from the Internal Revenue Service and New York State Department of Taxation, certified public accountants, attorneys, and representatives from financial institutions.

This year, six students graduated from the program. The business interests of the group included bakeries, retail stores, and wholesalers. Renaissance’s Technical Assistance and Outreach Coordinator, May Kuang, believes that the course offers each of the graduates a solid platform for future success. “The EAP program fulfills a vital role because it provides all budding business owners with the basic building blocks for success,” she said. “I am optimistic that all of this year’s graduates will go on to find future success in their respective ventures. Renaissance looks forward to working with more entrepreneurs in the future and helping to create more sustainable local businesses.”

To find out more about Renaissance’s EAP program, click here.