In this video, high school seniors reflect on their experiences, and the lessons they learned, after taking part in Asian Americans for Equality’s college access and readiness programs.

More About AAFE’s Youth and Family Development Programs

AAFE Youth and Family Development Programs engage immigrant high school students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds in order to prepare them for post-secondary success. Through two separate programs, the Immigrant Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) and Youth Leadership for College Access (YLCA), students build skills, such as working in teams, facilitating meetings, networking and public speaking skills, that will help them in college and the professional arena. IYLP is a youth program focused around service learning projects that currently runs as after school sessions in Flushing on Tuesdays and the Lower East Side on Wednesdays. YLCA is a peer to peer college guidance program that AAFE operates with capacity building support from College Access: Research & Action.

For more information, contact Diana Yi, Program Manager of Youth and Family Development Programs, at