On Saturday, March 7th, AAFE’s Youth Development program held its 4th annual career conference at Flushing High School. During the event, 34 volunteer professionals from a range of fields mentored students in small sessions, and were available for one-on-one counselling at a networking lunch. The professionals on-hand shared details of their day-to-day work duties, what motivated them to enter their chosen field, and the educational path they took in order to achieve their goals. Over 145 students, and over 30 parents were present, making this year’s event the largest in the conference’s history.

“The career conference provides students with exposure to the myriad of careers that are open to young people these days,” said event coordinator, Erica He. “Students learn about the educational pathways needed to reach certain career fields and also how important it is to network and make a good impression, particularly in competitive job markets. This year was our biggest career conference ever and we hope to continue to grow this event in 2016.”

AAFE will take part in another career conference at the Lower East Side Preparatory High School on Friday, March 20th. The day will be divided into two sessions —  A morning fair between 9:00am and 11:30am, and an afternoon fair between 12:30pm and 3:00pm. For further information, please contact Erica He at Erica_He@www.aafe.org.

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