AAFE has earned a nationwide reputation in the past four decades for innovating solutions to the affordable housing crisis. The organization’s first project, Equality House in Manhattan’s Chinatown, became the first development in New York City to use the Federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.  Over the years, we have created 800 units of affordable housing in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Through the Lower Manhattan Affordable Housing Preservation Program, AAFE has acquired and rehabilitated dilapidated buildings, helping to stem the tide of gentrification and to stabilize communities.

In Flushing, Queens AAFE is partnering with Monadnock Development and HANAC to build One Flushing, a 231-unit affordable housing project with space for small retailers and community facilities.

Recent Stories

法拉盛家庭與兒童過渡住房建案合作夥伴宣佈下一步計劃 在與社區溝通4個月後 建案發展團隊與市府將向前邁進 開啟房屋服務與機搆共同合作模式以提供公平獲取機會

法拉盛家庭與兒童過渡住房建案合作夥伴宣佈下一步計劃 在與社區溝通4個月後 建案發展團隊與市府將向前邁進 開啟房屋服務與機搆共同合作模式以提供公平獲取機會

  (紐約訊) 在經過與社區全面溝通包括同利益相關方會談、資訊分享和與社區領袖、民選官員、社服機關一對一開會討論,法拉盛首個以社區為主的過渡住房建案將邁入下一個階段。  命名為 『玉蘭花園』的過渡性住房位於39大道133-04號,提供90戶家庭單位和全方位服務以協助弱式團體得到機會重新立足。亞洲人平等會(簡稱,亞平會)為上址土地擁有者與資深非牟利都市資源機構(URI)、市府遊民服務局合作建設。...

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