Check out some of AAFE’s highlights in 2016:

2,500 immigrants have a better understanding of the immigration system, entitlement benefits, and social equality in all areas.

Over 100 parents and teens learned English through ESOL courses.

100 high school students completed leadership training thanks to AAFE’s after-school program. 800 high school seniors applied to college and FAFSA.

160 job-seekers with limited English capacity and minimal education background landed jobs with an average wage of $12.50 per hour.

300 smokers received counseling, and 100 of them pledged to improve their health by joining the nicotine patch program to transition off of their dependency on cigarettes.

Over 220 homebuyers know more about homeownership. 64 families secured over $15 million in mortgages from New York Mortgage Coalition member banks and became first-time homeowners.

Over 400 apartment tenants in NYC learned about their rights through tenant rights counseling. Services have been expanded beyond Manhattan and into Jackson Heights and Flushing, Queens.

600 small business owners are better prepared for any challenge thanks to the counsel of Renaissance Economic Development Corporation. 90 of those businesses received over $3.5 million in small business loans.

322 voters were registered between May and September.

Over 300 community leaders left inspired by the 9th Annual Community Development Conference.

AAFE’s got the ball rolling and we will not stop. No matter what happens in 2017, our communities need the services we provide. Please consider making a 100% tax deductible gift today. Your money will go directly towards serving individuals and families throughout New York City.


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