(Video) AAFE Board Member Suki Terada Ports Speaks Out in Defense of Muslims


Recently Huffington Post interviewed three Japanese-American women, including AAFE Board member Suki Terada Ports, about their painful memories from World War II. In response to Donald Trump’s flirtation with a Muslim registry, they spoke out about the lessons of the past.

Following Pearl Harbor, Ports’ mother was placed under house arrest until the end of the war. “After the FBI questioned their neighbors about the family’s use of window shades,” Huffington Post explained, “and whether they spoke in Japanese, Ports’ mother got rid of all their apartment’s shades and burned old photos that provided evidence of visits to Japan.”  Ports’ mother was required to call the FBI any time she wanted to leave the apartment.

Here’s part of what Ports had to say about present day events: “When somebody says we’re going to incarcerate or register all the Muslims, they don’t really know what it means… I think part of this ignorance is being shown in the hate crimes … People have been given a green light to be hateful.”

She went on to describe the detrimental effects of racial hatred. “There are very few Asians [involved in politics] because we have been taught not to speak out, not to make noise,” she said. But Ports argued that there’s never been a more important time to speak up and to become engaged in the political process. “Muslims are here and they have come to the U.S. because we’ve said that we’re a democracy, we’ve said we welcome people,” she said. “And we’ve got to live up to that.”