A Federal Primary Election will take place on Tuesday, June 26 in New York. In preparation for the important primary, the APA VOICE coalition (including AAFE) recently completed candidate surveys for candidates in the 5th, 12th, and 14th Congressional districts.

APA VOICE is a strictly non-partisan, pan-Asian coalition of 19 civic engagement organizations in the Asian Pacific American community and conducted the survey this month in an effort to increase voter awareness on topics relevant to the Asian Pacific American community.

The survey results are available in English, Korean, Chinese, and Bengali and can play a critical role in educating Asian Pacific Americans, and particularly those who are limited English proficient, about the candidates running in the primary election.

Because of lopsided party registration numbers, the primary elections are sometimes regarded as the “real” election in New York City, and it is important for the Asian Pacific American community members to stay informed about the candidates. The districts were chosen based on the highest concentration of Asian Americans in the district: the 5th District is 13 percent Asian, the 12th District is 11.6 percent Asian, and the 14th District is 16.5 percent Asian.

AAFE Acting Executive Director Doris Koo said, “Democracy only truly works when citizens are engaged and participating in the election process. But with the overwhelming flood of media we are now exposed to sometimes it’s easier to just tune it all out. This survey is designed to give people a tool to cut through all the noise and make an informed decision about the candidates on the issues. We thank all the candidates for taking the time to fill out our surveys and we encourage everyone to read this informative guide and make sure to vote on election day.”

If you are unsure of where to vote or if there is a primary contest in your district, visit the NYC Poll Site Locator. To confirm you are registered to vote check the State Board of Election’s Voter Registration Search.