Asian Americans for Equality submitted a comment to the Federal Registrar Dec. 7, 2018 in strong opposition to the Trump administration’s proposed “public charge” rule change. If the rules goes into effect, millions of immigrants could be denied green cards if they use certain public benefits. AAFE Co-Executive Directors Jennifer Sun and Thomas Yu said:

At AAFE’s neighborhood offices, where we serve almost 9,000 immigrants and low-income residents, we are witnessing the harmful effects of the Trump administration’s misguided public charge proposal. Even though this proposal has not yet taken effect, immigrant families are already fearful about asking for help, enrolling in benefits, and disenrolling from benefits that many of them have a right to receive. The proposal is devoid of merit and morality, creating a ‘pay-to-play’ system while depriving immigrants of the food and medical care they need to thrive in our communities. We urge the withdrawal of this inhumane proposal to divide our nation and undermine our values as a nation of immigrants.

See below for AAFE’s public comment.