AAFE offers a range of community education programming designed to build leadership, civic engagement and opportunity for youth and adults at AAFE’s Community Technology Center on the Lower East Side and school-based programs in Flushing.

At the AAFE Community and Technology Center, we organize arts groups, English-language development and adult education programs that serve seniors and working adults. These programs build their skills, foster community, ensure digital inclusion, and improve their physical and mental health. Through AAFE’s youth development programs we bridge language, social and informational barriers to help teens and their parents access resources that encourage college enrollment, financial stability, civic engagement, and the development of leadership skills.


Building College-readiness and Opportunity: AAFE’s Project Collegebound program currently serves over 250 students and their families at Flushing High School and Flushing International High School with one-on-one college guidance and financial literacy counseling, professional development for teaching staff, youth and parent leadership development, and other activities that promote college- and career-readiness. AAFE organizes Project Collegebound in partnership with the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families with support from Deutsche Bank of Americas Foundation and Capital One Bank.

Developing Youth Leaders: Teen Action is a youth development program for first and second generation immigrant students based in Chinatown and the Lower East Side that focuses on service-learning projects and a peer support curriculum that encompasses civic engagement, identity development, leadership skills, and college readiness.

Empowering Parents: Through Project Empower, AAFE provides education, referrals, leadership development, and support to immigrant parents as a means of increasing their participation in the school system and their children’s educational experience with an ultimate goal of advancing attendance and academic performance. Project Empower is supported by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development.

Fostering Digital and Social Inclusion: AAFE’s Community Technology Center offers classes and services in English and several Chinese dialects, including: computer skills, English as a Second Language and English conversation, exercise classes that range from tai-chi sword to Latin dance, one-on-one facilitated benefits access and translation services to seniors and adults. Click here for information on upcoming courses!

Training the Next Generation: The AAFE Community Development Training Fellowship trains college-aged youth on community development issues affecting Asian American communities in New York City, such as affordable housing, small business development, transportation, civil rights, policy advocacy, and environmental sustainability, through workshops and service-learning internships. Fellows learn about the field of community development in a collaborative environment that focuses on building their capacity, and deepening their knowledge through grassroots participation.