AAFE Reports

Our research on key community issues.

Rockaways: Community Planning + Envisioning Final Report (PDF) – Hester Street Collaborative, AAFE, Ocean Bay Community Development Corp., LISC; December 2014.

Flushing’s Economy: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF)- One Flushing Report; May 2013

Making Room to Breathe: A Case Study of Smoke-Free Housing in NYC (PDF) -AAFE REPORT; December 2012

Adaptive Re-use of Public Park Buildings on the Lower East Side (PDF) – AAFE/Hester Street Collaborative PROPOSAL, October 2012.

Prescription For a Healthy City: Making New York City Pharmacies Tobacco Free (PDF) – AAFE REPORT; September 2012.

Neighborhood Action Plan: A Vision for Bicycling on the Lower East Side and Chinatown (PDF) – Local Spokes Report (AAFE is a member); May 2012.

Demolition Through Intentional Neglect: A Tactic of Predatory Landlords to Demolish Rent Regulated Housing (PDF) – AAFE REPORT; January 2011.

Distinct Places, Shared Opportunity: A Neighborhood-Based Analysis of Asian Americans in NYC (PDF) – AAFE REPORT; February 2011.

Flushing’s Fortune: Will Gateway Give Way to Luxury Development (PDF) – AAFE REPORT; June 2007.

A Snapshot of Flushing: An Assessment of Service Needs of the Asian American Aging Population (PDF) – The Flushing Leadership Collaborative (convened by AAFE); August 2011.

Confronting the Housing Squeeze: Challenges Facing Immigrant Tenants and What New York Can Do (PDF) – Pratt Center for Community Development with the New York Immigrant Housing Collaborative (AAFE is a member); Fall 2008.

A Guide to Immigrant Outreach in New York City Parks (PDF) – Partnership for Parks.

Testimony of Christopher Kui before the House Subcommittee on Federalism and the Census of the Committee on Government Reform in Harlem (link) – July 25, 2005.

Rebuild Chinatown Initiative: Final Report (PDF) – April 2004.

Rebuild Chinatown Initiative: The Community Speaks (PDF) – AAFE community planning report one year after 9/11; November 2002.