Loans through this fund were extended through October of 2020. Please click here to support our current initiatives benefiting immigrant small businesses. 

AAFE’s small business affiliate, Renaissance Economic Development Corporation, has established an Emergency Small Business Relief Loan Fund to support businesses in our community hard hit by the coronavirus scare. Funding is allowing Renaissance to provide financial assistance to business owners facing the biggest challenge since the devastating 9/11 attacks two decades ago.  Your support will strengthen our campaign to sustain our treasured small businesses during this difficult time.

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Dumplings Against Hate – Independent GoFundMe fundraiser on behalf of AAFE’s Small Business Fund

Claire Yang
Nina Liu
Patrick Lee
Jessica Koay
Rachel Yang
Eunice Chen
Katy Ho
Michael Hoang
Jennifer Chun
Genevive Chang
Lillian Lung
Elaine Eng
Jasmine Nguyen
Jennifer Longoria
Ken Hayashima
Scarlett Mai
Danny Li
Alice Lei
Ben Schachter
Eric Jang
Tianmeng Wang
Junia Kim
Danny Hoang
Eileen Chan
May Yu
Megan Henderson
Brian Chez
Jennifer Calvo
Melissa Nanquil
Tony Dear
Zhi Sun
Tiffany Say
Diana Klatt
Jennifer Dong
Paulina Sergienko
EcoInteractive LLC
Belinda Chan
Janice Hou
Annmarie Cong
Tenzin Bhutia
Eric Cao
Bipan Sarker
Michael Chau
Malinda Yin
George Hong
Courtney Wong
Cindy Chan
Brook Brandon
Roshan Burnham
Angelica Garcia
Nam Nguyen
Alex Gabriel
Sarah Ing
Jason Sze
Kathy Lee
Ying Ling Chen
King Leung
Victor Ng
Charles Zhang
Macy Humeston
Margaret Moy
Jonathan Zoanetti
Alexis Santos
Alexandra Pauly
Sarah Guan
Hana Bendy
Leonard Marshall
Eva Liu
Aaron Payne
Christopher Leong
Randy Eng
Isabelle Brantley
Melissa Dryer
Rea Tajiri
Sara Tandoi
Kaity Cheung
Howard Lew
Lily Weinraub
Jennson Wong
Chery Sutjahjo
Lily Weinraub
Marshall Tan & Orlando Urbina
Michelle Lacroix
Yijun He
Hai-Li Kong
Claudina Yang
Marika Takeshita
Brianna Cea
Allyson Kelley
Cordelia Zhong
Karen Lee
Christina Chen
Anna Lee
Joyce Yu
Monica Chen
Ashley Qiang
Kelsey Kramer
Julia Kou
Helen Song
Amy Leong
George Lou
Elizabeth Zeldin
Annie Virnig
Victoria Chu Pao
Lilian Chen
Saukok Tiampo
Peter Mao
Hilary Saunders
Sophia Lin
Adam Skinner
Tom O’Keefe
Sara Varon
Shannon Daniels
Asian Pacific Islanders
Serena Krombach
Peipei Zhou
Yue Wang
Gaurav Venkateswar
Dina Liu
Nelson Kies
Kathleen W Lee
Anna Rankin
Gordon Ng
Claire Klausner
Rachel Cantor
Daisy Sun
Emmanuel Marmol
Rachelle Ocampo
Eric Zhang
Sara Ching
Iain Hill
Johanna Lee
Jota Sosnowski
Jerald Khoo
Trang Hoang
Ronny Chieng
Vivian Wang
Victoria Lin
Curtis Lyon
Yu Chen
Lucy Chen
Saiya Floyd
Gregory Hom
Bridget Murphy
Anna Smukowski
Emily Ng
Matthew Wang
Lydia Tom
Angela Cheng
Fanny Chen
Elizabeth Newell
Bruce Feffer
David M. Abrahamson
Andrew Fossett
Heidie Joo Burwell
Susan Hoffman
Betty Huber
Charles Fournier
Christopher Beck
Tammy Ganey
Doris Koo
Karen Wong
David Jones
Donna Shelley
Peter Russo

*Some donors have requested anonymity and do not appear on the above list


These organizations contributed through AAFE’s 46th Annual Lunar New Year Banquet; net proceeds from this year’s banquet have been allocated to the Emergency Small Business Fund:

TD Bank
Con Edison
New York Community Bank
Valley Bank
BNY Mellon
AAD Construction
Morgan Stanley
Enterprise Community Partners
Benchmark Title Agency
Tiger Baron Foundation
Community Preservation Corp.
Santander Bank
Preferred Bank
Steven T. Gee, PC
Edison Properties
MDG Design + Construction
Marks Paneth LLP
First Republic Bank
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Wendy Takahisa, AAFE Board Member
PNC Bank
Amie Gross Architects
Lemie & Wolff
Cooley LLP
BMB Consulting
ICM Global
P.L. Electrical Contracting
Leroy Street Studio
KMM Consulting
MBD Community Housing Corp.
A Place For Kids
Mueser Rutledge Consulting
Metric Consulting & Inspection
Bank of America
Donna Chiu, AAFE CDF Board Member
APICHA Community Health Center
Blackney Hayes Architects
Chinese American Planning Council
Community League of the Heights
Forsyth Street Advisors
Wavecrest Management
Silman Engineering
Ridgewood Bank
The Levy Partnership
Blackney Hayes Architects