Since launching in November 2013, AAFE’s Workforce Development Program has been working tirelessly to provide tailored solutions to increasingly diversified employment related needs coming from both job seekers and employers.  Funded by the Robin Hood Foundation, the Workforce Development Program is designed to assist unemployed and underemployed individuals with job placement and soft skills training necessary to successfully interview for a job. Furthermore, it aims to stimulate steady local business growth through prompt delivery of recruitment assistance.




Job Placement & Recruitment Assistance

For job seekers, the path to receiving job placement assistance begins with an initial intake procedure, paired with background screening and qualification assessment.  Depending on the result from the initial measurement, job seekers will receive personalized recommendations as to whether additional soft skills training and career counseling are needed in their cases. On the one hand, those deemed job-start-ready will leap directly into the job placement phase, where they will be referred to job interviews and eventually being placed in a position. For those who fall short of the Workforce Development Program’s job-start-ready standard, which requires one to have a properly written resume and to possess, at the very least, general understanding of interview techniques and knowledge of workplace soft skills, additional assistance specific to their needs will be provided in way that would not hinder with the participants’ job search progress.

Soft Skills Training/Resume Writing

Though the Workforce Development Program prioritizes job placement efforts, we also believe that there is more to helping one with career establishment than simply finding him or her a job. For this reason, great importance has been placed on giving participants skills and knowledge that could benefit them in the long run with respect to growth and advancement on the job.  There are many skills one can acquire to improve his or her chances of building a career track other than having a job, and to accelerate in their career performance.

All of AAFE’s Workforce Development Program’s services and resources are readily accessible to all New York City residents, individuals aged 18-years or older who possess valid work authorization in the United States.  To date, job seekers from across the socioeconomic spectrum and from all five boroughs have already signed up with the program to receive job placement services and soft-skills training.

Career Counseling

Being able to identify your career interests and set realistic expectation is considered an important step toward realizing one’s career ambition. Seemingly easy to grasp, the steps involved in setting a career goal and follow-up with detailed plans to attain such goal is, in fact, a challenging task that has long troubled many job seekers, fledgling and experienced alike. This, however, is an issue that can be resolved with adequate help from individual-tailored counseling, which are included in the package of services provided by the Workforce Development Program.

Staff at the Workforce Development Program would work closely with those who struggle to identify, even in the broadest terms, their possible career goals and set attainable short-term as well as long-term plans that participants can work towards. However, it is important to note that needs for career counseling is not exclusive to novices in the professional sphere. Sometimes even those with scores of professional accomplishments, like many mid-career professionals, may experience setbacks in their attempts to change career. Therefore, the staff at the Workforce Development Program is also prepared to help mid-career professionals to cope with the confusion and uncertainty involved in making shifts in career path.

Program Referral Services

Through years of involvement in developmental assistance, AAFE has made significant impacts on numerous spheres of community enrichment initiatives around New York City, from supportive housing, to small business assistance, to youth and family development. Such accomplishments would be difficult to achieve without continual support from our community partners. The Workforce Development Program works closely with many of AAFE’s community partners to form a supportive network that is capable of meeting job seekers’ diverse needs. For those who seek further assistance in addition to job placement services, such as ESOL education and public assistance applications, their needs can often be addressed with help from other AAFE program service providers and/or our community partners.


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