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Building our communal future: Your support is essential!

Each year, our dedicated team provides a comprehensive array of services to 35,000 low-income, immigrant New Yorkers: That’s 35,000 stories of communal resilience advanced by AAFE, 35,000 enriched livelihoods in pursuit of a more equitable future for our city. Every individual we assist receives the holistic care necessary to ensure they can thrive in the communities we call home.

This season of gratitude we’d like to thank you—our incredible community of supporters, neighbors, and partners—for making our work possible. Our ever-expanding impact is an incredible testament to the collective strength we achieve when we come together to address the pressing needs our communities face. Each pound of food distributed at our monthly food pantries, each small business owner whose entrepreneurial dreams are made possible, and each family that plants roots of stability in our affordable housing developments—we, as a community, share in these successes.

As we approach a new year marking AAFE’s 50th anniversary, we reflect on all that we’ve jointly accomplished and the opportunities that now lie before us. Together, we can continue to innovate and implement wide-reaching solutions to the myriad challenges our communities and city face. AAFE remains committed to proactively meeting our communities’ needs at the front lines of whatever crises may arise. Every contribution to our efforts counts—your support makes all the difference. Our communal future depends on all of us!


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