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One Flushing has published a report documenting the challenges and opportunities facing Flushing’s economy. Our report was based on information we collected from a door-to-door survey of Flushing businesses conducted in the summer and fall of 2012. In completing our survey, we visited over a thousand businesses and received 400 responses. We used the information gathered to identify major problems facing the Flushing business community and to provide recommendations to address these challenges. For more information, please click here.







One Flushing is a community-based economic development center in Flushing, Queens, founded by AAFE in December of 2011. The organization’s objective is to empower small business owners and local residents to identify resources, advocate for policy reforms and to create economic opportunity. It celebrates and leverages our community’s rich heritage to develop innovative strategies for economic revitalization and cross-cultural collaboration.  One Flushing provides technical assistance, assists entrepreneurs in acquiring low-interest loans and in accessing government resources and offers training to assist business owners in meeting their goals. The center works closely with AAFE’s Renaissance Economic Development Corp. on many of its initiatives.

The organization is keenly aware that Flushing has become a major regional economic center and transportation hub, whose small businesses are generating new jobs and revenue sources for the City of New York.  At the same time, we recognize that escalating rents, displacement by major development projects and differences in language and culture among ethnic groups threaten the community’s future.   One Flushing seeks to proactively address these issues through innovative solutions and hands-on assistance programs that encourage cross-cultural solidarity and collaboration.

The organization recognizes that diversity throughout our communities — built on equal opportunity and shared opportunity — is critical to fostering sustainable growth.  One Flushing is dedicated to creating mutual support networks for those seeking jobs and business assistance.  Through data-driven policy research and community-based initiatives, we advocate for city services and resources to address the challenges small businesses face. By organizing various business associations under one umbrella, we unite and amplify voices throughout our neighborhoods calling for change.


  • Published report on Flushing’s economy, based on findings from 400 collected surveys of local Flushing businesses 
  • Organized monthly entrepreneurship training program
  • Convened community discussions on the Flushing economy, racism in the community, and Flushing’s Chinatown
  • Hosted Job Fair, attended by 350 people
  • Established host committee for Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce



Contact: John Choe, Director
Phone: (718) 961-2866, (718) 961-2833